Form fields in pop up/Modal window


Is there a way to display attachment field in pop up window. For e.g. user will select "attached" in a dropdown field it opens up a new window with attachment field? This is for New Form in SharePoint list.

Hello @aseem,

Could you please provide more details about the use case.

Maybe List or Library control that allows uploading documents to the document library will suite your requirements.

Thank you for your quick response! The use case is something like, when the user select "Attach" from a dropdown field, the popup box with attachment field like in the screenshot appears.


Dear @aseem,
Does it have to be a pop up dialog? For example, you can instead hide Attachments field under the dropdown, and show it when the Attached option is selected. You can also make an attachment required if a user has Attached option selected.

I have 3 drop down fields, can I show 3 separate attachment fields. Thanks.

Dear Aseem,
There are no ways to keep track of different attachments as they are all stored together in SharePoint. In your case, it is better to use connected Documents Library, attached via lookup, like it's described in this article -

Thanks I'll try that.