Form Links

Can you please advise if the form link has changed permanently?

We now have over 100 custom embedded forms that no longer work, and need to be amended for our service users.

Thanks, Ash

Dear @Alex_Stephen,
Yes, the links have changed permanently, but:

  1. The old links should still work - they should simply redirect users to the new domain
  2. You can customize the domain in the account's settings:

This was done as prior to this some users have been found to use their forms for phishing, and while they were promptly blocked, this still put the domain at risk of being blocked by anti-virus software or even ISPs, which would've negatively impacted all of our users.

As this feature was just released, please, let us know if you experience any issues or have questions - we're here to help!

As for the embedded forms, can you tell me more about how it affected you? The forms embedded with a widget don't have a URL in them, only the form ID, so it shouldn't have affected them.

Hi @Nikita_Kurguzov. Thanks for your response and explanation.

This morning none of our forms would load. This issue now seems to have resolved itself. We will change over the form URL's over the next few weeks to avoid any reoccurrence in the future.

For our embeded forms, we have our own code within our user portal which uses the plumsail form link.

Dear @Alex_Stephen,
I have to apologize for the morning outing, there was a small bug during the update, which unfortunately produced these issues. Hopefully, nothing like this will happen again, but in the future, we'll try to introduce bigger updates on the weekends, so there's less chance of business interruption, as well as try to notify you via email when a major update is scheduled.

Changing domains is quite a big shift, nothing like that is planned in the nearest future. Thank you for the report in any case - these are always helpful, please, let us know if you notice anything out of order, we're sure to pay close attention and rectify any issues.

Dear @Nikita_Kurguzov
I understand that these things can happen. appreciate the support.
Best, Ash