Form Loading With Large Blanks

The form we built is functioning as expected most of the time. When it doesn't it loads a large blank space you have to scroll down passed to access the data entry fields. Is there a reason why this is consistently happening for some users and not for others?

Dear @rmcneill,
Shouldn't be the case. When it happens - please, check browser's console for errors and send us a screenshot!


It seems to happen more often in Chrome. I'm using Edge and it rarely happens.

Dear @rmcneill,
This seems normal for SharePoint. Anything different in browser's console when it opens like this? Compare normal form and one with large blanks.

Here's some more information after a few refreshes to get the form working properly.

Dear @rmcneill,
Strange, there don't seem to be any errors. Could export the form and send it to us? You can share it here or send it to [email protected]

FRI-export.xfds (6.6 KB)

Sorry it took some time to get back to you. Thanks for looking into this.

Dear @rmcneill,
I see your form has multiple <hr> tags inside of of HTML - have you tried removing them? They might be giving you the blank spaces.