Form not displaying values


The edit form is not displaying the values in fields. When i look at the revision history there is data in the fields but when opening it in Plumsail edit form the fields are blank? I think this occurs on 'Multiple lines of text' fields.

Any ideas?

Hello @jamesmitchell,

Could you share a screenshot of the problem?
It would also help a lot if you made screenshots of the browser console (F12).

Hi, i have uploaded some screenshots. As you can see there is text entered in the fields but they appear to be blank when the form is loaded.

There are some errors. I dont know if they are causing it? Error: No custom routing defined. and Error: No form sets found for this content type.

Hi @jamesmitchell,

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like there are relevant errors in the console.

Could you check if you have the Append changes to existing text setting enabled? You can do it in List Settings > Column settings:

Also, please try opening the form in Incognito mode. Let me know if there are any differences.