Form on a page after submit open new form

I have a form on a page with other content once the user fills out the form and hits submit I would like the form to open a new form. I have tried a redirect on submit but that is not what I really want in this case.
Thank you

Hello @jktodd007,

Thank you for letting us know!

I've passed the information about the issue to developers team. I let you know once I have feedback from them.

Any update on this at all?


Thank you for reminding me. We've released the update on Tuesday. Now the form on a page is cleared after the submission.

Please clear the browser cache and test it.

Thank you for helping us improve our product! Have a nice day!

I removed this form from the page previously and just readded it to the page. The form does not clear. SeeEmbedform screen shot.


Which browser are you using?
Have you cleaned the browser cache?

Please try to open the page in a private browsing session (incognito window) and test the form.

I cleared cache again and it worked...However, the form embeds as the mobile version is this by design.? I would like it to take up the whole area of the web part and it is not please see photo.


Could you please share the screenshot of the form opened in Plumsail Forms Desktop application.

You might need to change the grid setting. If you want to controls and fields to fit web part weight, the grid settings should be set to 12.

Please find more information about the Grids here: