Format Sharepoint Date Column

I would like the Date field to be shown in just date current it is showing both date and time.
I have tried to format (‘MM/DD/YYYY’) however this does not seem to work.


You can change it in the List Settings -> Field:


OK sorry I didn’t give enough information I am using HTML control to show the date field on another tab and when I do it gives a time on the date. I would like to see the date only.

I got the correct java script now it was

 var  date=new Date (fd.field('Original_x0020_Hire_x0020_Date').value);
  var hiredate=((date.getMonth() + 1) + '/' + date.getDate() + '/' +  date.getFullYear());
If anyone else needs to do this.

Dear Jennifer,

I’m glad you find a solution, I’m sure it will be helpful for community :hugs: