Forms for different languages

Hey Guys!

You introduced the ability to create Forms for different languages recently and it’s a pretty cool feature I guess. But this also got me some problems. When I create an form as german user I want it per default for all users. Only when I create another Form lets say in english I want that particular Form be visible for english users. Every User with another language should be redirected to the german form.

Now my problem: When I’m creating an Form in german no user with another language can access it. I did nothing expect creating a list and making a form with a german user. But my english admin user is redirected to the english form (which does not exist). I’m sure about that because in the url it says “item” instead of “Element”. Is this a bug?

Dear Joshua,

You have both options available:

  1. You can rename the content type name for all languages that should have the same form

  2. Set unique content types for those languages that should have unique forms, like you have it configured now

To rename the content type you should go to the List/Library settings, make sure that Management of content types is turned on in the Advanced settings, and then choose the content type and rename it.

Dear Alex,

okay thanks for your awnser. But do you think this is the right way? If I want an international Form I always have to change all the content type names and since were an international company which
operates many countries I have to do it like 10 times for every form and content type? I dont even have an international admin user for every language. And changing my language for every new Form is definitely no option. So please tell me I got something wrong or there will be another way. But I personally dont think this is practicable. Better would be something where you could set a default form for every language because now if i forget about renaming one content type the users get an error.