Forms in SharePoint App

Hey Guys!

I wanted to ask if it’s possible to use your Forms in the SharePoint App? I guess if you are directly on a list in the App it won’t work since it always directs you to a standard form? This is the case for all my list with plumsail forms. Also I created a list which was embedded as webpart on a page. The behaviour there was that the plumsail redirect page was opened but didn’t redirect anywhere.

Is this not supported by now or am I doing something wrong?

Dear @JoshMohr,

Could you please provide the screenshots so we can research your issue?

Hey @AlexZver,

So this one is a normal List with Plumsail Forms:

When I'm clicking on new or on an item I'm getting directed to some default Forms like this one

This here is a List with View Formatting embedded on a modern page (Note: I open the Display Forms in Edit Mode) :

If I click on an element I'm getting directed to the Plumsail redirect page and nothing happens

Both work perfectly fine on computers the empedded list also doesnt work on chrome browser with my mobile phone.

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Dear @JoshMohr,

SharePoint App does not allow to customize forms for now. As for the embedded list in chrome browser, please try to wait until the embedded list loads, it takes some time.

Thanks for your reply! Already thought that this is a limitation by Microsoft. Hope they will enable this someday.