Forms vs Forms Designer

Which should I be using: Forms or Forms Designer.

It looks like Forms lets you design for phone, tablet & pc. Should my employer switch to Forms?
We are a government account, will Forms work with a government G3 hosted account?

Dear @smithme,
Both products can be used. Forms Designer is for Classic UI, it’s not responsive, but mobile forms can be done with some amount of work, though they won’t scale well. Still, the product is tested and reliable, can be installed only on the specific site you need - might be a good choice for a government site. There is a limitation on the amount of fields that can be added to the form though - around 50-70 since the fields are rendered on the server, and if the server does not respond in time, SharePoint will give an error.

As for Forms, it’s a more modern product, built responsive for Modern UI, has in-built support for mobile layouts. It also has some interesting features like automatic routing, more controls and containers to work with, richer JS API, and it has no limitations when it comes to amount of fields. It’s installed as an AAD application, and if the App Authentication is working, it should work as well. I recommend you to give it a try, more info can be found here.

You can even try both products on the same site, just make sure not to use them on the same list at the same time.

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