Forms within MS Teams?

I'm testing Forms on a SharePoint list, so far so good when using it in a browser. But when I add a tab in Microsoft Teams to show the list, it only works when you choose the tab type 'Website'. When I add the tab as 'SharePoint' list, calling the form throws the following error "Something went wrong. Try again later..."

I'm guessing this is some cross-site scripting limitation within the embedded browser in Teams? I can use 'Website' tabs, even though that has some limitations (mainly the gray error bar they add to all websites). Just wanted to see if you guys have seen this behavior before, and if there's any workaround. Thanks.


We are researching this issue. Please use a ‘website’ tab until we find a solution.

We've fixed the issue. Now, a form panel should open in a Teams tab properly. Please, clean the browser cache.

Awesome, that did the trick. Thanks much!

Displaying sub-sites in teams is not supported using the "SharePoint" tab. We have to use the "WEB" tab. This functions correctly until I update the form and save it. Not only does the panel no longer function but the redirect to the new form loads blank?

What am I missing?


Works fine for me with Website tab:

Could you check the forms in SharePoint - do they open properly? Ensure that the forms are completely saved before opening them in the browser - the designer shows a corresponding message once the forms are published. Also, if you have multiple form sets for this list, ensure that the routing works properly.