Generate Report produces blank boxes

When I generate reports, the correct number of boxes display in the downloaded report but they are empty. Do I need to set something up for the text to be included in the report?

Hi @SSmith ,
No, usually you don't have to set up anything additionally to create the reports.
Please share the following:

  1. What's your Data source for the Org Chart? You may share the screenshot of the Data Source tab of the configuration Wizard.

  2. Can you, please share your Box template settings?

  3. It looks like you have some custom CSS formatting for the boxes. Please try creating a new testing page with the Org Chart web part with all the default settings (default Box templates, no CSS styles, no custom JS). Please try producing a report in this testing scenario and let me know how it goes. This might help us isolate the issue.

  4. Finally, please share your Org Chart version. If it's behind the latest one, please consider updating. You can just re-install the add-in in your SharePoint App Catalog (all the web part settings will be saved).


Thank you for your assistance and suggestions to locate the blank text issue. I have now resolved the issue using your advice.

Thanks again.

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