Get Document Data in PowerAutomate?

In Power Automate, is it possible to get the document's properties after it's been generated? I'm specifically looking to fetch its {{@number}}.

Hi @KarimAbdelRazek,

Unfortunately, it's not possible to retrieve {{@number}} from the * Start document generation process action in Power Automate at the moment.
However, we have a task in our roadmap to return not only the file content but also some metadata including @number in . No due date, though.

Currently, you can get the data from Webhook delivery or from Process finished trigger.

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Plumsail team

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Thanks @Peter ! In case anyone is interested for future posts, I've added a unique identifier to my file's property and am using that identifier as part of the file name (i.e. FileName_{{UniqueID}}).
Through PowerAutomate, Once the file has been generated and stored in its initial location, I'm able to locate it using that identifier in its name and do some further actions on it.
You guys have an amazing product by the way! I'm very quickly becoming a fan!

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