Get items by Query from External lists

Hi *
I need to read data from an external list pupolated from an SQL server table through a BCS connection.
The list contains data, but I am not able to read any of it using the “Get items by Query” action.
CAML query is as basic as possible:

Nothing fails, but it reads 0 records.

Anyone got tips on how to work with external lists using CAML queries and this great Plumsail action?

Hello Geir,

Currently, I can’t test it, but could you please try to specify the following query:

Sorry, Roman. Your alternate query did not return any data either.
It seems external lists in SharePoint have some “feature” that makes them unavailable to CAML queries.

We got around this by creating a HTML SOAP request action.
This managed to read information from the external list.

If you find a way to access external lists from the Query action, that’s great.
If not don’t spend more time on this issue now.