Get Items by Query - Unauthorized


I downloaded the trial version of the Workflow Actions Pack for Office 365.
There are a lot of nice additional actions but I cannot run some these because I get the exception "Exception: The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized.”

I am trying to access a list of a subsite of the current site. I specified the site-url, the folder url, the list name, the Caml query, the output dictionary and the credentials.

I am pretty sure that the user I gave the workflow as input (me, the admin) has the permissions to access the list. I also tried to create an additional user for the workflow who is the owner of the site in which the list is in. Same exception. Even in a “App-Step” with elevated permissions it is the same issue but in this case I think elevated permissions wouldn’t make a difference anyway because the action is made with the given credentials.

What am I doing wrong?

Ok I found the solution. I just typed the site-url wrong.

But I have another issue now.
Whenever I start a query from a list workflow I get an empty result dictionary. Even in an app-step with elevated permissions in the workflow I get an empty result.
If I start the same query from a site workflow I get the intended result.

I thought of starting a list workflow with the action “Start a Site Workflow (2013)” and write the results in custom columns of my item but I get an error message when I want to start a site Workflow saying:
“Exception: Sequence contains no matching element”

Please help!

Hi Can,

Could you send attach screenshots of configured workflow (without sensitive information) to your reply. Please, attach screenshots for both site and list workflows including screenshots of properties for ‘Get Items’ workflow action.

This will help us to analyze your issue quicker.

Thank you in advance.