Get values from SharePoint list to autocomplete form

Hello. Is it possible to autocomplete a public form with values from a SharePoint list? For instance if I have a form with with two, single-line text fields, lets say Name and Email. If I have a list of names and emails in a SharePoint list, is it possible for the respondent to type their name, and if that name is already on the list, the Email field gets automatically filled in with the email from the SharePoint list?

Hello @GadizaPribadi,

Yes it is possible. In fact, you can choose from two methods.

You can select an Excel file as an external source for a dropdown field. The Excel file should be stored in OneDrive, and you can update it with SharePoint list data using Power Automate. Please find more information about external sources in our blog post here:

Another option is to provide public access to SharePoint Online list data via Azure Function. You can find the instructions here:

Thank you so much for the reply!

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