Getting a new sharepoint designer error when I try and run my workflow

Exception: Resource not found for the segment ‘HttpsCompanynameSharepointComEmployeeServicesITListsHardware20Request20Form’.

I have no idea what this means, has anyone seen this error before?

Could you please attach the screenshot of the error? It will help us better understand the context.

Here it is, exactly how it is above, only in picture form:


Please check out an example of documentation about Get Items by Query

Try to specify list name instead of its URL in the workflow action.

I mean, thanks for that, but it doesn't really solve my issue.

Here is my workflow, it is currently happening where the arrow is.

Ah, ok, so I have gotten a little further.

Now I am getting this error:


I have no idea what this means, do you?

The request will be transformed to query for listdata.svc, I suppose list of columns contains invalid data.
Most probably it contains extra white spaces.

Yup, that was it, kinda, my list name had %20’s in them, that seemed to be causing the issue. Thanks a lot for all your help!