Getting Id of People field

Good Afternoon,

I am having some issues getting the Id of the selected value of a people field, on load of a form my code works fine, but if the people field is changed by a user the code to retrieve the Id no longer works as it appears the Id is no longer part of the EntityData.

My code is

currentlyAssingedToId = fd.field('Assigned_x0020_To').value.EntityData.SPUserID;

And following a user changing the field the object return is a follows: -


On load the object returned is: -


The reason I need the Id is because I need to update an item using PnP...


Hello @Tony_Duke,

Please use the following code to get the user ID when the PeoplePicker field is changed.

Please replace PeoplePickerField with the internal name of the field.

    fd.field('PeoplePickerField').ready().then(function(field) {
        field.$on('change', function(value) {
            .then(function(result) {