Getting Information from Parent Form

Hiya Plumsail

We have been using Forms Designer for a while, but we are trying to replicate the following functionality (Product field is filled in with parent ID and Product field is hidden if the parentID exists):

var parentID = fd.getSourceID();
if (parentID) {

Can you tell us how we can do this in Plumsail forms?

Thanking you in advance!

Hello Jamal!

Could you please give more details on what you want to develop so I could help you with the code.

Do you want to create related items and automatically bind a child item to parent?

If so, in Plumsail Forms this can be done with List or Library control and binding is done automatically with no code required. Please have a look at Create and bind associated items article for more information.

Thanks, I think you do this automatically now!

All is good :slight_smile:

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