Getting Items by Query


Just encoutered a small problem which i'm not sure how to solve.

basically, i want to get the ID's of multiple Documents.
I can find these Documents via the Document-Name but this is too vague for it to run without problems because the names can change.

i have a field in that list, which has the ID of the current Item the workflow runs from but i do not manage to find them as i dont know how to adress this field "Archive-Request Reference". it worked for Document Name by just removing the blank space between the words but not for archive-request reference.

How do i adress this field?

This is how the field is called.

It's a lookup field which refers to the ID of the original Item where the workflow is supposed to run.


Hi @Dario_Chiga,

Could you try to change the field name and make it without spaces? Then try to address it in the request and let me know the results. Probably try to add a test field with the same reference and check if you can pull the data using the test field.

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Plumsail team


I have made the same field without spaces and made the request like this:

This is with the request filter "eq"

and this error happens:

This is with the request filter "startswith"

and this is the error:

Okay nevermind i found another solution with another field.
But now it has another Error.

When i try to log the Dictionary that it creates "ArchivedIDs" the workflow just doesn't proceed anymore. No error no info. when i remove the log function and try to loop trough the dictionary this error appears.

on this action:

Okay. I found the solution. I didn't know that i have to create a second dictionary to get the ID from


But it works now.

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