Getting Items from list - Number field with decimal places

HI Guys

I’m using your get items from list with a caml query.

the items are pulling through but I am having some issues with decimal places.

if a field was 5.80

the output to dictionary is 5.8 if I use get item from dictionary I can convert this back to format has currency, how ever I am using the convert to PDF with html repeating table.

when is use this as it is a repeating table I am using {{Currency Field}} with in the for each element

this only returns it as a single or no decimal place as it is in the dictionary.

is there a way to format this so it will be a currency I have tried all different types of meta content in the header hoping that this would fix the issue

I look forward to hearing from you

Kindest regards


Hello Jack,

Could you please try to use the following token {{Currency Field:C}}.

In this case, the part “:C” should format the value as currency. Please let me know about the result.

unfortunately not the pdf now contains the text

{{Currency Field:Net_x0020_Cost}}