Getting Server Error on Forms (Plumsail down?)

Hi everybody,

I'm receiving the below error in the console on all my forms in the preview and on my website. Is this an error on my end or is it something to do with Plumsail?

app.js?20240701035948:55 UserFormsUrl is not defined in server context settings

Thank you

Hi @Paris_Griffin,

This is a temporary warning that we will soon fix. It shouldn't affect the forms in any way. Are there any problems with the forms besides the warning?

Hi Ilia, I have some data that prefills in my form that is no longer working and it appears none of my JavaScript code is working. Do you think this could be related?

Hi @Paris_Griffin,

Most likely, these are two separate issues. Are there no other errors in the console? Could you send a screen recording of the issue with the console open to

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Hi Ilia,

Thank you for your patience. You have been great. There was a separate error I was missing.

Thank you so much for your help!

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