Grant permission on items


I am currently testing the trial version to make sure I can propose it to my client. I try to grant contribute permission to a SP group on documents in a library where the group has already view only permissions

The workflow does run but nothing happens : the internal status is set as terminated , but the permissions remain the same

What do I do wrong ?
Thank you for your help

Hello @Virginie, thank you for your message.

Could you please open a workflow’s history, click on that button and send us a screenshot of it?

Thank you for getting in touch.
Here is the screenshot :

I guess I need to change the AdminLogin and password in the properties. I am site collection admin on this site collection, though. So which admin is it ?

thank you for your help

You should use site’s collections admin.

Please could you make sure that you are using right crenedtials in Site Settings -> Plumsail Actions Pack?

OK, it works now.
Thank you for your help