Handle Change Event in LIst Control - Delete doesn't return itemId


I'm trying to use "change data.type === 'delete'. As I saw in the "Handle Cange Event" chapter, * itemId — returns the ID of the changed item. I desume also the ID of the delete item but I get an undefined value.

Is this the aspected behaviour? I need to get this ID to update some data in another list using pop

Hi @Fritz77,

There might be several deleted items, so their IDs are put into itemIds.

Sorry but in Plumsail documentation you can find this:

Handle change event

Execute a function when a control value has been changed. changeData passed as an argument to the handler. It is an object that contains information about the changes made:

  • type — returns type of changes made to related items.
  • ‘add’ — new item has been created
    • ‘addFolder’ — new folder has been created
    • ‘edit’ — item has been changed
    • ‘delete’ — item/file has been deleted
    • ‘upload’ — file has been uploaded
  • itemId — returns the ID of the changed item
  • itemIds — returns the array of IDs of the uploaded files

I haven't any uploaded files but just a list item

Hi @Fritz77,

Seems like the article in the documentation is outdated, thanks for pointing it out!

Here's a working snippet of code that shows an alert with the IDs of the deleted items:

fd.spRendered(function() {
    fd.control('ListOrLibrary1').$on('change', function(changeData) {
        if (changeData.type === 'delete') {

Thank you!

so it returns an array and I've to use an items.foreach... Correct?

Hi @Fritz77,

Yes, itemIds is an array of numbers. You can either use itemIds.foreach() or a simple for loop:

for (let i = 0; i < changeData.itemIds.length; i++) {