Help with getting value from cascading drop-down

I have a three part cascading drop-down. I need to capture the values that are selected and display them together on the form. The second drop-down is tied to the first (and filtered) on one of the fields in that list.
The first list is State.
The second list is City (the list also contains the State).
The third list is Hotel Name (Extra fields from this list include the street address).
I am able to capture the value of the selected State from the first drop-down (State).
I am able to capture the value of the selected Hotel Zip from the third drop-down (HotelName).

I am using fd.field('displayState).value = fd.field('State).value;
and fd.field('displayZip;).value = fd.field('HotelName).value.Zip;

I cannot get the City value to be saved in a display field. The Hotel City is saved to a single text field called HotelCity via the fields in the design form. I have also tried fd.field('HotelName).value.City.

None of this works. Can you assist, Rhonda

Dear @rhonda,
Can you share with us your code, so we can better understand what you have currently and how to adjust it? You can just get the City from the second lookup, no?

var city = fd.field('City').value.LookupValue;