Helpdesk widget, Azure AD guest users and the contacts list

I have created an extra site for the helpdesk widget.
It is one page, with the widget and some explanation.
I created a group ‘App-Assist’ (Azure AD Security Group, source; cloud)
This group is member of the ‘Visitors’ group of the widget site
External users (Azure AD Guests) can be member of the group ‘App-Assist’ and access the widget-site in order to create tickets.

This group, nor the external users, have a role or membership in the main helpdesk site.

When they create a ticket their contact information is recorded as follows:


This is not really workable.

As you can see, the user has enough details in his profile to create a ‘good’ contact:

When the same user sends an email that is converted to a ticket, the information is recorded like this:

The two are not matched or combined.

We need a way for users to create tickets by sending an email to the helpdesk mailbox and / or use the widget and see both kinds of tickets in the widget.

[Opinion] The contacts list is the main 'user source' and that is not what I expected from an Office 365 / Sharepoint product. I expected that the product would use the users, departments and groups information available to sharepoint / Office 365. This is not the case, users have to be added manually / scripted to the contacts list, duplicates are created when users send mail and situations like above occur. The above scenario, where guest users (in this case tenants in our building) have access to parts of our Sharepoint environment and create and follow tickets is a vital use case for us which at the moment is not working as expected. [/opinion]

[EDIT] In order to work around this, in need some clear information on what the most important fields of the contacts list mean and how (on which field) an incoming email is matched to an existing contact. maybe I can then create a meaningful contact in the Flow that invites the user. Meaningful in the way that incoming mails are matched and tickets created with the widget also.[/EDIT]

Hello, Erik.

Regarding the problem. Could you specify your SharePoint domain (send it as a private message to me) and check a SharePoint user profile for the same user as on your screenshots. Particularly, I am interested in the "Name" and "Work email" fields.

Regarding the logic of contacts creation, we don't need the "Agents" role in this case so I just leave it aside. There left two types of contacts (items in the "Contacts" list): end-users and members. End-user is created when HelpDesk receives a message from an external e-mail address. Member is an item which is bound with a SharePoint user profile (not Active Directory one as on your screenshot). There are three cases when it's created:

  • a user logins to a HelpDesk site;
  • a user logins to a HelpDesk widget;
  • a user sends a message to HelpDesk using the address specified in his SharePoint user profiles.

So, if there is a SharePoint user profile (even not registered in the contacts list) with an e-mail address from which HelpDesk receives a message, HelpDesk whether creates a member contact (if there is no such one bound with the current SP user profile) or do nothing. So there can't be duplicate contacts. But if a contact was created as an end-user first and only then he was added to your tenant as an external user (i.e. there appeared an SP user profile) then it will be duplicated as a member.


But in any case, a member contact should take name from an accordant SP user profile. On the screenshot above you can see contacts that were created when users login to HelpDesk widget. Their names are set properly.

The key fields for creation a contact item are full name, role, e-mail (if it's an end-user) or SharePoint user (if it's an agent or member).