Hide currency field symbol

Good Day @mnikitina,

Is there a way to hide the symbol for the currency field?
I do not want the currency symbol to show in the form or in the SharePoint list at all?

Kind regards,

Hello @Dina_Louw,

Do you mean the currency symbol in the Number column?

If so, you need to change the column type like this:

Hi @mnikitina

No it is the currency icon in the currency field.
We already have data and cannot afford to lose any data if we change the field type.


The difference between the Number and Currency column types is formatting. If you change the Number type to Currency or vice versa, it will not affect the data itself, only the formatting will change.

You can test the behavior of the data. Create a new list with a Currency column, fill it with data, and change the column type to Number.