Hide empty values from Word Export

How do you ensure no 0's are shown if user doesn't input number in field?

Some of my number fields have '0mm' formats others just '0'.

Thank you!

Hello @Viorel,

Do you mean 0's shown in a docx template?

Could you share more details/screenshots of the issue?

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Plumsail team

Yes, if number fields aren't filled in, on the docx template export it will show a 0.
We need it to hide the 0 if users don't fill in these number fields.

See below an example.

For the first 3 columns, I have inserted two shortcodes per cell / codes from 2 separate form fields.
Our users will know which fields to fill in and which not to on the form.

But I don't want any value to be populated onto the export if users don't write any numbers in certain number fields.

How do we hide the values, so instead of 0, or 0mm, this get's entirely removed.
Alternatively if we can assign a 'space' instead of the 0, that could do the trick as well.

By space I mean this space between the apostrophes -> ' '


I've tried this but it doesn't work:

I've tried both of these but none work:

  • {{DataTable1.Qty}:empty()}

  • {{DataTable1.Qty}:empty( )}

Nothing works.

I've got the values in a table.
When a cell isn't filled in, I don't want there to be a 0 showing up in the Word export.
It should be empty.

Can't get it to work.
Any help?

Hello @Viorel,

You can use the map formatter for this. Here is a simple example:

  1. My table


  1. This is the template


I add the map formatter to the Column 2 values:

{{DataTable1.Column2}:map(0 = )}

If the value is equall 0, then it';s replaced with an empty string.

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Plumsail team