Hide toolbar / PDF button


Is there a possibility to hide the toolbar in forms and/or the PDF button?

Thank you

Dear Philipp,

You can either customize a toolbar https://plumsail.com/docs/forms/javascript/toolbar.html

or remove it completely by adding this CSS rule in the CSS Editor:

.ms-CommandBar.fd-form.fd-form-toolbar {
    display: none !important;

To remove the PDF button only:

i.ms-Icon.ms-Icon--PDF {
    display: none;

Thank you very much!

Where is the documentation for this!?

So much of Plumsail's functionality is hidden behind esoteric code that can be found no where other than hidden in some forum post. Really makes troubleshooting a PITA!

Cannot stress this enough.


Please look at this link:


Thank you for sharing, but my point stands.
No where on the "documentation" that you shared is the code shown by AlexZver.

So apologies if I am a little rude...
But what is your point?

Dear @drryan,
The issue here is that CSS customization is almost limitless, unfortunately, we cannot include examples for every situation or requirement. If you need anything that's not covered in the documentation - let us know here in the community or via [email protected]

If we get a lot of questions regarding a certain subject, we try to explain it thoroughly in our documentation as well.