How can I add 'back' and 'next' arrow?

Hello Community! I added a button to navigate in the Organizational Chart, but I need to add a left arrow and right arrow to 'go back' and 'next'. When I press in the buttons, I am going to a specify link. Can you help me with this request? I left a reference image, that I want:

Hi @fricotoho,

Upload an attached HTML file to SiteAssets > OrgChart on the site with the Org Chart page. It contains HTML content for the arrow buttons.
arrowButtons.html (597 Bytes)

Use the following code on the 'Custom JavaScript' step:

//URL to find filterButton.html
const arrowButtonsHTML = "";

const arrowPrevURL = ""; // previous department
const arrowNextURL = ""; // next department

api.onInitialLoadingFinished(() => {
    //Show the loading wheel

    //Get the HTML content of the filter button
    $.get(arrowButtonsHTML, function (data) {
        //Add the HTML content to the right-zone menu    

        //Hide the loading wheel
        //Navigate to previous department
        $('.prev-department').click(function() {
            window.location.href = arrowPrevURL; 
        //Navigate to next department
        $('.next-department').click(function() {
            window.location.href = arrowNextURL; 

Change the values of the arrowButtonsHTML, arrowPrevURL and arrowNextURL constants to your own values.