How can I avoid the Org Chart to expand beyond the page widt

I have a Start View with 2 levels, one box at the top and the next level contains 9 boxes. All the boxes at level 2 is lined horizontal, and I only see some of the boxes. I have to scroll horizontal to see all the boxes. I want to display all the boxes within the page width and only use vertical scroll.
How can I do this?

Hi Ona,

You can write custom JavaScript to set initial zoom. Thus, your org chart will be smaller and fit your page. Just open the configuration wizard and put following code in the JavaScript editor:


Where 0.5 is a scale for zoom (50%).

You also can = CSS styles for boxes to change their size.

Please, let me know if this solution doesn’t satisfy your requirements.

Yes, I can handle it this way. Though it is not a good solution. I wish you will make a version with Responsive Design.

Hi Ona, possibly in future releases. You can request this functionality from our Pro Support Team. Please, write your request to [email protected] if you are interested.

To achieve, where to add “zoom(0.5)”

Open the configuration wizard of the web part and switch to “Custom JavaScript” step. Paste renderer.zoom(0.5) into the code editor outside of any other code. For example, at the top.