How can I remove the empty cell after using :hide-block-if-empty}

For example, I have a table with a list of items. I want the cells to be completely gone for the child elements. But when I test it on Plumsail, the cell is still there but the text is gone. What can I do to actually remove the cells?


  1. Do you want candy?: {{123}:hide-block-if-empty}
  2. Do you want food?: {{abc}:hide-block-if-empty}
  3. Are you hungry?: {{qwer}:hide-block-if-empty}

The JSON that I use is

"123": null,

Thank you.

Hello @herpderp,

Could you provide the sample of the template and also attach a sample with the correct result? I'll try to reproduce it and suggest a workaround.

Best regards,
Petr Bushuev
Plumsail team