How does OAUTH2 work when fetching mail to create tickets with Plumsail for SharePoint Online?

Good Day,

We're interested in setting up Plumsail for O365 (SharePoint) to serve as our internal help desk.

One of the critical elements is for our users to be able to email "[email protected]" in order to open tickets outside of the main ticket portal site. This mailbox is an Office 365 hosted exchange mailbox.

With Microsoft's depreciation of Basic Authentication, is it confirmed that Plumsail will be able to authenticate using OAUTH2 to pull the emails for ticket generation?

Thank you for your time.

Hello! Connecting Outlook mailbox to HelpDesk goes using the modern authentication (OAuth 2.0). Also, you can forward the incoming messages to the HelpDesk system e-mail and that also generates new tickets. In the second case, the only issue is the e-mail address that will send notifications to customers and agents. By default, it is the HelpDesk system e-mail. You can set up custom SMTP configuration but for that, the e-mail should support the basic authentication with at least an app password. I hope this clarifies the issue for you. If not, I will be glad to answer your further questions.