How to add attachments


I already have a form that is created and has been working fine for a while now.
Now I would like to be able to add an attachments part to my form and have the attachments that are uploaded there sent in an email.

Currently I have a flow created that after someone fills out the form, it pulls all of the information out of it. Puts all of that info into a word template. Converts the word template into a PDF document. The PDF document is then attached to an email that is sent to our help desk ticket system.

Now I want to add additional attachments to that email via when a user were to upload attachments directly to the form.

Is that possible to add to what I currently have created?

Hello @Nazman1126,

You can add SharePoint Attachments field to the form.

And send SharePoint attachment by email using Power Automate. You can find instructions our documentation here:

@mnikitina This looks like I am going to have to create a new flow. I was hoping to be able to add something to the current flow I have. It looks like it also needs to pull the attachments from a new SharePoint list. How is it going to know to just send the attachments that a user uploads to the current form and not every item in that list?


You can add steps to the existing flow to add attachments to the email.

In the flow settings, the items are filtered by item ID. Only documents attached to the specific item will be attached to the email.