How to add button for copying e-mail address

In Org Chart, you can add a button for copying one of the data source properties, for example e-mail address. For that, you need to customise:

On the Templates step, choose the template you need, switch to the HTML mode and add the content below:

<div class="poch-custom-buttons">
    <button class="button poch-copy-email">
        Copy Email

On the Custom JavaScript step, add the code below. It copies the value from a WorkEmail field but you can change it to another:

api.onTooltipRendered((tooltip, itemData) => {
    //Tooltip rendered event
    $(tooltip.elem).find(".poch-copy-email").click(() => {

On the Custom CSS step, add the style below:

.poch-custom-buttons button {
    margin: 10px;

I have customised the tooltip template and here is the result:


Thanks to @Evgeniy_Kovalev for the provided solution!