How to adjust web part's height to fit the chart

Hi, I use plumsail org chart on Office365.
I have some problems.

  1. When I added org chart in a sharepoint page as a web part, I can’t set the height " Adjust height to fit zone". I need to set the height manually.
    Our company have many employees, our chart use “left to right” layout. So the chart is very long.How can I adjust web part’s height to fit the chart?
    2.How can I edit the width of box? Some of our employees’ emails are too long.
    3.How can I modify the display order of employees in the same level?

Thanks! Sorry for my bad english…


Thank you for your questions.

Look at this article. Maybe such behavior will help you.

Look at CSS samples in the documentation. There is an example of setting box width.

Look at this forum reply. It shows how to specify sort order for boxes.

Best regards
Anton Khritonenkov