How to automate creation of similar folders with each 2 subfolders with different access rights?

Sorry if the question is not asked into the right forum…

I have to provide a solution to store information about clients.

There will be a Sharepoint site named “Clients”.
In it there will be a folder by client.
Under each client, there will be 2 folders:

  • Generic information
  • Confidential information

The clients are accessible by group 1 and group 2, but the subfolder “Confidential information” is just accessible to security group 2.

Is there an easy way (other than manually) to do that knowing that there will be a lot of clients.

For your guidance,

Gaston Huot

Hello @huogas,

Do you plan to do it using Workflow Actions Pack? I assume you can also manage it on SharePoint permissions level. What do you think?

Best regards,
Petr Bushuev
Plumsail team

Thanks Petr

I want to use wathever allow me to do it in a simple action. I want to crate the folder “Client 1”, and it would automatically add 2 subfolders: 1-Generic 2-Confidential
The Group A would be given access to all documents under “Client 1”, and Group B only to the Generic portion.

Workflow Actions Pack would do it ?


Gaston Huot