How to change ticket numbering


We have several instances of Helpdesk and would like to set a different ticket numbering system with each instance. Is ther a easy way to do this?


Hi @sean,

Ticket number is always list items ID (a number). You can’t change this. But you can decorate it with some additional information. For example, you can change email notifications and put some additional information into email subject in addition to ticket ID.

You can also try add calculated SharePoint column, append some additional information to ticket ID and use this calculated column instead of ID in your ticket views.

Could you describe why do you need different ticket numbering?


This is an important issue for us as well. We have an existing support system that we have been using for 15+ years. That system already has 150,000+ tickets. Those ticket numbers are important - and often they are referred to months or years later. It would be very confusing for us (and our customers) to start over at 1. We would like to start our Plumsail Help Desk with an initial ticket number of 200,000 - so there is not chance of duplication (and so it is obvious whether a given ticket is in the old system or the new system).


Hi @mweaver,

Thank you for the feedback. Our paid support team can assist you with custom ticket IDs. Could you send a message to [email protected] with request of this functionality? So, we can discuss pricing and implementation details.