How to create a Org Chart with ine step manager at top and two levels down sub-ordinates in Office 365

I need an Org chart with one level up for manager and two levels down for sub-ordinates.
I tried using drill down from documentation, but either one level up or one level down is only achievable not both in one chart.

Hello, @vijibhas

Please check the article on JavaScript framework of Org Chart. Using methods from that article, I suggest the following code:

//If loading of a chart is initial
renderer.onInitialLoadingFinished(function () {
    //Show loading panel before expanding

    //Get account name of a current user
    renderer.dataProvider.getCurrentUserAccountName(function (accountName) {
        //Get an object with data of the current user
        renderer.dataProvider.getBoxGroupItemDataById(accountName, function (dataItem) {
            //If the current user has sombody above him (as a manager)
            if (dataItem.ParentId != "") {
                //Drill down to the manager

    renderer.dataProvider.getCurrentUserAccountName(function (accountName) {
        renderer.dataProvider.getBoxGroupItemDataById(accountName, function (dataItem) {
                //Expand 3 nodes: the one of the manager at the top, of the current user and of subordinates of the current user
                function (itemData) {                    
                    //Expand node if it is the current user or it has the current user as a manager or it is the manager of the current user
                    return itemData.AccountName == dataItem.Id || itemData.Manager == dataItem.Id || itemData.AccountName == dataItem.ParentId;
                function () {
                    //Hide loading panel after expanding

You will get the following result (a current user is rounded):

Thanks. That did work.