How to create actions on a list or library control

I’m currently evaluating Plumsail Sharepoint modern pages forms.
I would like place a list or library control on a form (that is easy)
The user should be able to select a row in the list. He should have the option to execute one action (by preference there could be multiple actions - the user indicates what action to execute)
The Javascript code for the action must know what row has been selected.
Is such a thing possible ?


Dear Wim,

Yes, I’m quite sure it’s possible. Not an ordinary case though, so I will consult with my colleagues whether my solution is best suited to this issue.

Write you soon :grin:

Dear Wim,
This should be possible to implement. Could you, please, write us all the details for this feature to [email protected]? If it’s doable with pure JS, we’ll provide a solution, and if it will need some modifications to the app - we can discuss this as well.

Dear all,
I have the same topic and also need a possibility to select a row in a library control and get the ID / title back to work with the information in the parent form. Could you please provide a solutions as soon it is available?

Thank you

Dear @phil,

Of course, we will notify you as soon as a solution will be ready.

That would be very nice Aleskey.

Dear @phil,

List or Library control is actually based on Kendo UI Grid, so many of its configuration options can be useful in making this possible -

For example, you can make rows selectable with the following code:

//select multiple with Ctrl + Click 
fd.control("SPDataTable0").widget.options.selectable = "multiple"; 
You can find which rows are selected with the following JS: 
var select = fd.control("SPDataTable0"); 
for(var i = 0; i < select.length; i++){ 

If you need additional help - let us know, we should be able to improve on this, though it might take time to implement, thus would require extra support minutes.

Thank you, I will try this out