How to create repeating sections

Infopath and Nintex Forms has the ability to create repeating sections where the user filling out the form can add additional sections on the fly. This is similar to the DataTable control with the important difference that the information is not tabular. instead each “row” is based on a template that is designed with the required controls. This is also similar to the gallery control in PowerApps.

Is there any way to accomplish similar functionality in Plumsail Forms?


First, have a look at the Append-only field. You can find the instruction on the setup and usage example here.

If this is not exactly what you need, please describe your case in more detail, how you want the data to be presented in a form? what is your use case?

Hi @mnikitina,
Thank you for your reply.
What I need is actually very different from the append-only field. A repeating section is a container that can contain various fields and controls in an arbitrary layout. When filling out the form, the user can click on an “add” button to add a new copy of the section as well as edit or remove existing copies of the section.
For example, this screenshot shows a repeating section for “actions” where each instance (or “row”) describes one of the actions requested in the form. Every action section has a people picker control, multi-line text control, a currency control and a lookup control (completely made up example)
This information could then be aggregated to show the total cost of all the actions in a separate field. It is similar to a DataTable in that the user can add, edit and delete “rows” of information, but the big difference is that each row is formatted using a template layout with a variety of controls.
Another use case that we actually have for real is when there is a form that kicks off a workflow that has a varying and unknown number of approvers. In this case, each approver-section (“row”) could contain a people-picker control and maybe an inking control for signatures.

Thank you! Now I see the whole picture.

But still, have few questions.

Where is the data from the repeating sections should be stored? In a separate list, like with List or Library, or in the same list?

If it stored in the same list, the records should be created dynamically, or all data should be stored in a single field.

How the data presented in a list view?

Excellent questions. :slight_smile: We have had real use cases for both storing the repeating data as list items in separate SharePoint lists and for storing it inside the current item as a JSON blob in a hidden field. The most pressing need for us right now is the JSON blob scenario so that the repeating data can be treated as a single entity together with the rest of the form data for versioning and archival purposes. If we would need to process the repeating data separately, it could be easily accomplished by loading the JSON data in Flow and iterate through them there.

For our current scenario, there is no pressing need to display the repeating data in the list view. Only the aggregated information such as the sum of the cost, total number of items, etc. (Although it would be really nifty to be able to promote some of the fields in the repeated section that could be displayed using the same field customizer as the DataTable control uses.)


Are you considering a paid support option?

We can implement that type of control, it’ll contain only common fields. We’ll add people picker field too, but with the help of HTML-control. So to get a people picker control in a repeating section you’ll need to paste a code snippet. And all data will be stored in a single field as JSON.

If you are interested, please send the complete description of your requirements to [email protected]. And based on it, we will prepare a development specification, that includes estimation and due dates.

At the moment Plumsail Forms is one of the solutions we are evaluating for SharePoint list form customization in our organization. Since we’re not yet ready to decide which solution(s) we will choose, it is still a bit early to decide whether we would go for a paid support option. But am I correct in interpreting your answer as this functionality is not something we could achieve with Plumsail Forms without specifically requesting and paying for its implementation?


This functionality is on our roadmap but will take time to develop. With paid support, we can hasten the process and deliver it in the nearest future.


Any news on adding repeating section functionality? This is also a must-have for us to migrate from InfoPath.


Hello @kynaite,

Welcome to Plumsail Community!

Are you considering a paid support?

This feature is not in the list of upcoming releases, but we can switch the priority of tasks and focus on implementing repeating sections. If you are interested, please contact us via [email protected].

No - I'm not considering a paid support. I think you need to consider prioritizing this feature in your roadmap. Repeating sections is for many of us a must-have and though your product might be a good fit, it still lacks core functionality to be considered a real alternative to e.g. InfoPath.


I'd like to add my voice for this feature to be included (also in on-prem release!) It's the only main feature I've found when using Plumsail that is missing compared to an Infopath or Nintex solution so would be an important addition.



Has there been any information on this topic? We are now exploring Plumsail as an alternative to Nintex but this feature will most likely make or break our move.

Hello @volkjr,

Thank you for the feedback!

We plan to add this feature, but there is no release date as of now.

The Data Table and List or library controls might be an alternative for you, please have a look.

Also we can offer paid support to switch task priority and implement repetitive section functionality as quickly as possible.