How to display Org Chart without having a Root User on AD

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We will use the Org Chart for SharePoint 2013/2016 to display the users from the AD.
On our AD we have 1 OU without any Root Users and 6 different OU with 1 Root User per OU.
This means that we have 6 different "Root Users" on the same level.

We would like to display the Org Chart presenting these 6 Main Users on the same level.
Unfortunately it's not possible for policy reason to create a Root User on top of other 6 users.

Is there any configuration to display the Org Chart starting from the top OU?

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Hi @Konstantinos_Christo!
As we've discussed in the support ticket, there's no way to manipulate user hierarchy from the Org Chart.
However, please note that the Org Chart gets the data from the SharePoint user profiles, not the AD directly, and this probably can help you build a workaround to surpass your AD policy without violating it. To the best of my knowledge, the AD sync with SharePoint is one-way, so, you can edit the SP profiles and it will not affect the data in AD. So, you can create a "super" user on the top of those 6 root users and then follow the steps of this guide for displaying several managers on the root level.
If this solution doesn't suit you, I would also recommend raising a ticket with Microsoft.
I'm afraid, there's not much we can from the Org Chart side to manipulate the user profile hierarchy as our product was built for visualizing it rather than changing it.

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