How to export PDF from a long sharepoint online form?

I have a form in sharepoint online which has many fields.
I would like to use the export to pdf function, and then print it out.

However, the pdf has 1 page only.

It cannot print out 1 page by 1 page.

I tried most of this How to save SharePoint form as PDF for printing — SharePoint forms , but most of that are not worked.

Is there any good method to export pdf for Print it out?

Hello @itapps,

Have you tried defining the paper size or adding a Page Breaks?

For complex forms we suggest creating PDF from the template using the Plumsail Documents or Power Automate flow.

@mnikitina I tried page size, but no change to the pdf size.
For example, I just copy this, but no change.

fd.pdfOptions = {
paperSize: 'A4',
landscape: false,
margin: {
left : "20mm"
top : "40mm",
right : "20mm"
bottom : "40mm"

And I also tried page breaks, It is too complicated and quite bad looks because my form is too long.


There have you placed the code? Are you running the code within spRendered event like this:

fd.spRendered(function() {
    fd.pdfOptions = {
         paperSize: 'A4'

I tried your code.
It is fine to separate few page, but not whole form.

There are only 5 pages which are not including whole form.

otherwise, the size scale of the form in the PDF is different with the form.
Can I set it exact same scale?

Hello @itapps,

I'm sorry, the screenshot is too small, I don't see that is displayed in the end of the form. Is it a List or Library or Data Table control? If so, try adding the page break before and after the control.

And as I mentioned before, for large complex forms we suggest creating the PDF file from the template.