How to filter the record in list library

Hi ,

I have SP form with a lookup control and list library. when the form is loaded, I would like to filter out the record in list library in lookup control. anyway to do that? By default the lookup control didn't select any item yet.




Dear @Derek_wong,
Sure, that's possible. Please, check out this example here - Manipulate fields in inline editing mode of List or Library — SharePoint forms

Hi, that one is base on the selected value on the dropdown list. However, my requirement is
when the form is generated/load, the custodian dropdown won't select any option (by default it have 5 options), the data table will show all the record as long as the custodian column belongs to those 5 options.

Dear @Derek_wong,
This is just an example, you can adjust it to your case. I am not 100% clear on what your case is, can you provide some screenshots and a description of how you want it to work?

hi Nikita,

I have solved the problem, but do you know how can I map the field to dropdown, below is my code.

when I click "edit" button on list library, i would like this textfield change to dropdown. so that people can select the value from dropdown instead of free typing it.

I have this event as below, however, if I follow this example,, it won't work, it will flow error and say "e.column.field" is undefine.

fd.control('SPDataTable1').$on('edit', function(dt) {
alert('check change column name => ' + dt.column.field);
if (dt.column.field === 'Custodian'){
// populateCategories(dt.widget);

Dear @Derek_wong,
And what's the type of column the Custodian field is?

textfield in sharepoint doc list

Dear @Derek_wong,
Okay, you can just change it in List Settings > Custodian Column, change type to Choice.

Dear @Nikita_Kurguzov ,

I did that before, however, when I show the list library on plumsail , it will show as textfield. not sure what is not correct. I wonder what is the correct way to do it, do you have example for me.

Dear @Derek_wong,
You need to open the form, select List or Library control, open Data Source configuration and let it update. No need to change anything, just save the form after it - this will allow List or Library to load the latest changes in list configuration.

Dear @Nikita_Kurguzov

anyway to show as dropdown with column is changed.

Dear @Derek_wong,
You first edit the Custodian column and Change its Type to Choice:

You then open form with List or Library, click List or Library and open Data Source configuration:

Click OK:

This automatically updates Data Source and the field type in List or Library, so it says Selected Item under Custodian instead of Some text:

Then you save the form: