How to generate a report

Hi Guys,

Can I get help on how to create a script to generate report for

  1. No. of tickets per month by Buyer
  2. No. of tickets per month by Brand



Hi @Ndy,

There are a few options for creating a report.

If you want a report in table view or create charts in Excel, you can export tickets to Excel and then use its features to build reports. Please review this article describing how to export tickets to Excel.

If you want a report that represents data as a chart you can use Dashboard Designer. This tool is used internally in HelpDesk reports section. It is a separate product. You will need to buy it separately. Please review the documentation describing this case. If you don’t want to create a chart by yourself, our paid support can do it for you. In this case, you can send a message to [email protected] asking for paid support with a description of your requirements.

You also can use Power BI. It supports connections to SharePoint. Thus, you can connect it to tickets list and build a report using this tool. The desktop version of Power BI is free.