How to have dynamic form for New Tickets by end-users


I am testing your Helpdesk and i think it is a nice solution.
One point I am asking myself and which our actual helpdesk is able to realize ist:

User creating a new ticket:
1st scenario: User chooses a category (for example: Onboarding new employee) and then the formula should show fields like (Name, Entry date, Department, Needed Hardware,...)
2nd scenario: User chooses a category (for example: having an issue with navision) and then the formula should show fields like description of the problem, Company name where the problem occured

In best case, those fields could be a requirement only in the formula where they are visible. So defining "Needed Hardware" as a required field in the sharepoint list is problematic, because then every ticket, even tickets which are not for "onboarding new employee" would require those fields.

The articles i found:
Matching my question most:

How to add new columns and edit the form:
How to customize forms in general:

You can close this ticket, i found a solution. i will post when im finished, maybe someone can profit from it.

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Any update on this? Very interested to apply it as well!

Hello Tricia! This functionality can be implemented by customising ticket forms. Plumsail Forms have several types of the fields containers. Each one can be hidden conditionally using the JavaScript framework and/or CSS styles. For example, you could use the wizard container and conditionally show and hide certain steps. Here is an example of showing form sections conditionally. Though it is not about the wizard, you can use it as a sample for developing your own.