How to obtain a license after payment?


Hi, I got confirmation from Avangate / Fuzor LLC that payment has been received, but no way/instructions how to turn on the licenses?

Please help.

BR, Robert.


Dear Robert,
Which product are you referring to? If the license is purchased for SharePoint Online, there usually is no need to turn on the license manually, we will automatically activate it for your domain. If this didn’t happen or if you need license for SharePoint On-Premises, please contact our support with details about the purchase, so we can ensure that you get what you’ve paid for and can use it freely.

You can also write us an email to [email protected]


Paid for two products, one activated automatically. Other (OrgChart) saying it is still in trial:



Hi @robert.preskar,

We checked orders by your email. Org Chart is activated for the domain that you specified in the order. Please try to clear browser cache and let me know if the trial message is still displayed.


Thanks, all good now!