How to Reduce the Table Row Heigh When Generating Document from API Call?


I've been using Plumsail for a while to generate some documents using your API.
In my implementation, I pass the template and the data on the same call and it generates the document beautifully.

The only doubt I have is if there's a way to reduce the table row heigh cause my documents end up being too long due to lots of white space.

I thought to make my template as tight as possible but I can't push it more cause the font size I want to use doesn't lets me.

Here is my template:

And here is the result (in which I mark with red the empty space I want to get rid off:

Maybe it's super easy but I don't seem to find the answer.
Any thoughts how to solve this?

Hello @suarcos,

It's possible using non-fixed size of the source table.

It will insert the values and wrap it in the cells.

However, it may be not very useful since it won't keep the source document formatting.

Best regards,
Plumsail team

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It worked. I applied the property just to the last row of the table and it wrapped the rows without loosing the format. Thanks a lot.

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