How to reference list item in Plumsail Form webpart?

I would like to embed the Plumsail Form webpart in a modern SharePoint page in order to display the Edit/Display form of a selected list item.
This seem to be a basic feature in the webpart, but I cannot find any information on how to set up the "Query String" in order to address the selected list item.

Appreciate directions on how to configure this nice feature.

PS! List Forms has been created, and work with hard coded Item ID.

Here is a picture of the page setup I struggle with.

Dear @geirmat,
If you want it to be dynamic, you select Query String and specify what string it should be, for example, item like here:

Now, the URL must contain this parameter with ID of the item for form to load:

Thanks for responding, Nikita.
From your answer I understand that it is not possible to use your webpart in the way I would like.
The URL is not updated with Item= when selectin list item in a webpart.

I had hoped it could replace the "List properties" webpart in order to give a much better UI for editing fields in list item selected in a List webpart.

Any tricks on how to make this happen?

Dear Geir,
Not sure if I follow... Which webpart are you selecting an item at? Something might be possible to do with JavaScript, if you're able to update URL with the ID of some item.

Now, current webpart functionality can be further expanded later on based on feedback, so if you could tell us more about your case and your requirements for the webpart, we might be able to add some improvements to our roadmap or even offer paid support - depending on your needs, of course.

I would like to build a landing page that display user specific information from several lists + the option of editing fields in a selected list item.
Here is a sample of the page with some description.

It would be very nice if task info could be edited using the Plumsail Edit form, and not the standard SharePoint properties window.

Eg. link to source-list-webpart, like the List Properties webpart uses:

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Dear @geirmat,
This does look like an interesting case with potential, we'd be happy to offer paid support for implementation of this, if you're interested.

Just write us to, we'll evaluate how much time it will take to implement and what the cost would be, and it might be possible to do in one of the nearest updates.

Thanks. I will get back to you if this is of interest.
As of now I am preparing a prototype to showcase to a new customer how Plumsail can improve the usability of their UI's.
This feature would have been very nice in that respect.
Hopefully it will result in a sale for you, and an implementation for me.

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Hello, this is exactly a solution what I am looking for right now.
Now, I am able to insert Web part with the documents and whenever I want to select some document I would prefer to show data in Plumsail Forms webpart instead of in the default webpart made by Microsoft "Show Propertis" of selected document.

Would there happen to be any news on this thread?

Dear @StepanS,
You can also contact us with your requirements at - we're always open to expanding features of our app with new useful additions. Let us know the requirements, and we can tell whether it's possible and how much time this will take to implement.

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