How to save data in form fields to be viewed in display and edit forms

I used to use Nintex forms before and it had the feature to store the values in fields like 'Textbox', 'Dropdown'...etc in the form itself while the user inputs the data in the 'New Form'. These fields are not connected to any of the list columns.

I tried to do the same in Plumsail forms, but after I submit the form, and open it in the 'Display' or 'Edit' forms, I find these fields empty.

Please advise if there is a way to achieve that without the need to create list columns for these fields.


Hello @Mai,

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Fields should be bound to SharePoint fields to store values.

Could you please provide more detail about what you want to achieve. Maybe I can suggest something else.

Hi @mnikitina,

Thanks for getting back to me!

Well, most of the times we have very long forms that contain a large number of entries but these data is not required to be stored in the list. So, we don't need to create a column for each field. Sometimes these forms are required to be printed, so the user can edit the form afterwards and print it. So, when we used to use Nintex forms, it automatically stored the field values in the form itself without the need of SP columns created, so it made things easier for us.


Is it a default data? Like description or headers?

If so, you can add a Plain text or Rich text control to the form and specify desired values. They will be stored in the form and will not require creation of the list columns.