How to Save Sharepoint list items to excel with excel template

Hello Plumsail,

I have a set of sharepoint list items that i want to save into excel file in sharepoint library using excel template file.

Currently i am working in microsoft power automate, but i don't really understand how to use the "Create XLSX document from template" connector.
The flow run without any problem, but the template doesn't show any data from the sharepoint list.
Here is my flow :

My initial guess, the "Template data" for "Create XLSX document from template" connector doesn't have the correct value.
But i don't have any idea what to put there.

Any kind of help will be appreciated.

Thank you.

Hi @rizkyaditya,
Yes, in the "Template Data" section of the Plumsail Action you need to specify what value of the item goes to this or that token in your template.
Please see this article that is close to your scenario.

For example, the template data for a particular SP list might look like this:

The property names in this JSON correspond to the tokens in the XLSX template. SP, this will place the values from the SP list item in place of the tokens in the XLSX template.

Please let us know if this makes things clearer!

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Hello @v.uspenskii,

Thank you for the suggestion.
I manage to understand the template a little bit from this article.

And then I made some changes in the connector template data into this :


I got the value from Get items in power automate.
As for the other, I just made dynamic variables from power apps input.
And this is how my template looks like :

Thank you so much for the suggestion to specify what value goes where!
With a little extra effort to understand the article from plumsail website, i managed to get the desired output.

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Hi @rizkyaditya, I'm very glad if we could help. Don't hesitate to post a topic in the Plumsail Community if you have any questions.

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